How to Grow Veggies in a Window Box: Introduction

Rows of fresh vegetables in garden.

I grew up on a farm. My family had 2 gardens: one for “regular” vegetables and one that had only corn and potatoes in it. I spent time every spring and summer when I was young helping my dad in our garden and my grandparents with theirs. I can still remember the smell of dirt on a cool summer morning and the crumble of healthy near black soil in my hands.

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How to Make an Iced Chai

Tea plantation India

Drinking an iced masala chai on a warm spring day is one of my favorite simple delights. Iced chai is exotic and comforting. It invites me to dream of a land far away but the drink has become so familiar it also feels like home.

This iced chai recipe is simple. I often throw it together before work and let it cool in the refrigerator until lunchtime. It’s lightly sweetened with real sugar, spicy, and creamy. It’s a true escape in a glass, and, after you make it once, you’ll never want to buy it out again.

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Closet Cleanout Guide

Cleaning out your closet can give your style a boost. It can also help you live more authentically.

Personal style is an evolution. We all have clothes that we used to love but no longer suit us. The ghosts of butches past stare back at us from the hangers and shelves of our closets. Oh, look, there’s sporty tomboy butch from college. And there’s awkward fat business casual (hidden) butch from my first corporate job. Many of the items we hold on to are no longer useful or they no longer represent the person we are today.

In this post, we’re going to go step by step (day by daaaayyyyy-ayyyyy for my fellow 90s kids!) through a closet cleanout. In just a few hours, you’re going to totally renew your wardrobe. And, because clothes are important, this closet cleanout project is going to give you the chance to live more authentically. Let’s get started.

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Butch at the Beach: Butch Swimwear Series – Keep it Classy Edition

Finding swimwear that makes you feel dapper is not easy for most butches and tomboys. This series will feature a different stylish swimsuit and accompanying gear to keep you feeling confident at the beach, lake, or pool.

This edition is inspired by the classic style of James Bond in Thunderball. In keeping with the classic theme, the accessories and gear are geared toward a quiet day of soaking up the sun and simple pleasures. As stated before, I’m not a fan of complete imitation to the point where an outfit feels like cosplay. And, of course, we’re adapting a 1960’s womanizer’s outfit for a modern-day butch (who may also be a womanizer, I suppose, but that’s not really the point!) This is a throwback to a supposedly simpler time when a day at the beach was about pure relaxation. If you’d like to experiment with that idea, this is the gear that you’ll need.

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