Outfits: Big Red

“Life in the beech woods might be hard, harsh and dangerous. But only the strong survived there.”

~Jim Kjelgaard~

Butch hunting clothes, hunting outfit

Khaki Military Street Cap ($8).  Amish Leathers Black Leather Belt ($55).  Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots ($360).   Model 94 Winchester Hunting Rifle ($1,200).  Old Timer Woodsman Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife ($38).  Woolrich Buffalo-Plaid Shirt ($105).  Dickies Rigid Work Jeans ($23). Filson Dog Collar ($38).  Man’s Best Friend (Priceless).

Big Red

Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard

Some books are worth reading more than once.  I have several books that I like to reread, many of them old favorites that I revisit each year at a specific time.  Big Red is one of my books to read in autumn. I first picked it up when I was just a little tomboy.  I remember this book resonating with me because the setting was very like my own home: the wild hills which I explored by myself and with my brother and sister and cousins was much like the land described in the book.  Big Red is also a coming of age story and I’ve always been a sucker for a good coming of age tale.  There is danger and adventure and a boy who embraces solitude and independence.  There are beautiful illustrations by Bob Kuhn.  There are life lessons and lyrical language.  And there’s the dog.  And who doesn’t love a good boy-and-dog story?  And (spoiler alert) this one does not have a heartbreaking ending.

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The Little Things

Butch Style

When I began to identify as “butch,” I started deliberately changing my appearance.  I had always been the tomboy, the sporty one.  I grew up wearing a lot of androgynous clothes, mainly jeans and t-shirts.  In college, I grew a little more confident and occasionally wore men’s button up shirts and started buying men’s jeans.  It took me long into my twenties to really begin to claim my identity.  I went through a cargo shorts phase and then discovered men’s fashion blogs and started slowly changing my style.  There were a lot of obvious outward changes  to my look during those years.  But some of the things that most helped me to claim my identity were the little things that no one would ever know about.  Looking back, I often wish I had been confident enough to make these little changes sooner as they really helped me to own my butch identity.  Here are some of the little things that meant the most in my journey from tomboy to full blown butch.   Continue reading “The Little Things”