Election Day 2020

Election Day.

This is the day when every American has a voice.  Each person gets to add to our national discussion.  Each person is on an equal playing field in this one area of our complicated society. It doesn’t matter if you are a waitress or a truck driver, a banker or a farmer, a senator or a welfare recipient.  It doesn’t matter if you live in a McMansion or a yurt or if you are single or married or divorced 3 times or if you are an 18 year old or an 80 year old.  On this day, each citizen in our nation gets a voice in the form of their vote.  And my voice matters as much as my neighbor’s or my congressman’s or my president’s.

On this day, we get a chance to participate in our nation’s (and therefore, the world’s) collective history.  We get to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  Look, I could rant for days about the problems with our country and with the issues with the voting process itself.   America is not right now the best version of itself.  But today is not the day for long rants and discussions about all the things that are wrong.  Instead, today millions of people will have a moment where they submit their ballot. And at that moment, everything that is amazing and good about our country is present.

Some people will complain about the process itself – about standing in line, about voting machines, about what’s fair and what’s not.  And those complaints are valid.  But those complaints are only available to us because of the democratic process itself and because we get the chance to participate.  And that chance is the great equalizer in our country.  Nearly half of us will be disappointed, devastated, and angered by the results this year.  But each of us will have had the chance to let our voices be heard.

Election Day to me is a day of generic patriotic pride.  It’s a day to be thankful for our nation with all its warts and flaws and room for improvement.  All over our country today people are getting ready to vote or are already standing in line to vote.  And some of their fellow citizens have taken a day out of their lives to fill our polling centers, from the smallest rural townships to the largest cities, and ensure every vote gets counted, to safeguard our democracy. People without power and heat are standing and waiting for their chance to cast their vote.  People who have sick loved ones, people who have family members and loved ones serving in our military, people who don’t care a bit about politics except for today are going to vote.  People without 2 dollars to rub together until Friday payday are taking time off to stand in line and let their voices be heard.

And that?   That is what stirs us, what provides the inspiration to keep trying with this experiment of representation by the people.  It has never been perfect.  It has been closer to perfect than now, to be sure.  The entire history of our nation is filled with mistakes, outrages, imperfections, and disenfranchisement.  But always we have inched forward.  Always we have had the chance to improve our nation.   That is the power, the promise, and the potential of our democracy. 

Go vote!

Autumn is Ours

I passed a tree today
With leaves so red
I sucked in my breath.
I stopped for a few pictures
Taken half heartedly
Already knowing that sending
Them to you
Will be the most unsatisfying substitution
For standing with my hand in yours
Gazing up at the flaming leaves
Looking down at the burning ground
And simply talking
About how autumn is ours.

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It’s ok

When you finally say those six scary words 
Quietly, out Loud
To your best friend
As you lie on your back
In the dark,
Your fear is a presence
“I think I might be gay”
I want to wrap you in my love
Give to you
The strength of my heart
And say,
“It’s ok”
When you’re terrified of losing your family,
Friends and Life
And the sentencing of your Soul
To eternal hell
Makes you cut your own skin
To feel a separate, easier pain,
As a way to face your fears
I want to pull you behind me
Protect your heart
As a bear guards her cubs
And say,
“It’s ok”
When you slosh through the dregs
Of your Religion
Feeling the power of your Faith,
Once unshakeable,
Slip from your grasp
Because you can’t, no, you won’t, lie
About your basic truth
I want to take your trembling hands in mine
Pass to you
The peace of my soul
And simply say,
“Valiant girl, it’s ok”
When you search for a loophole
In the Damnation
Laid out in one verse after another
But find judgment
Instead of Grace
And always more questions
Even the ministers cannot seem to answer
I want to look deep into your clear blue eyes
Cry for you
The tears of absolution
And say,
“Brave seeker, it’s ok”
When you turn to other sources of wisdom
Searching for Peace
Blazing your own beautiful path
To unshakeable truth
And you find solid ground
Among the trees and the poets
Amid the philosophers and stars
I want to lie next to you on the warm summer ground
In the dark
Crying in awe at the grandeur of the universe
And, soft as a whisper, say,
“See? It’s ok”
When you stand your own ground, fast and firm
In your Truth
And you won’t back down
Or accept an inferior brand of love
The scarlet sound of
“I love you anyway”
Because you don’t need Forgiveness for being yourself
I want to cheer for you
Scream myself hoarse
Praising your fierceness, bravery and courage
And say,
“That’s it! It’s ok.”
When you sit with a counselor digging still to
Find your Worth
Leaning into the pain
In search of freedom
From a lifetime of doubt and shame
And you finally say those words, out loud,
“I’m proud of who I am”
I want to sing with a choir of angels
“It is well,
It is well with my soul”
And hear you say,
“I’m ok”
When you look in the mirror on a
Fitting room Wall
And see yourself, Whole
And feel compassion and love
Replacing all the doubt and the shame
And you gently say those words, out loud
Affirming my worth, “I see you”
I want to wrap myself in your love
Finally feel warmth
That heals my broken heart
And I’ll say,
“I’m ok”

Print a copy of this poem here.