Butch at the Beach: Butch Swimwear Series – Keep it Classy Edition

Finding swimwear that makes you feel dapper is not easy for most butches and tomboys. This series will feature a different stylish swimsuit and accompanying gear to keep you feeling confident at the beach, lake, or pool.

This edition is inspired by the classic style of James Bond in Thunderball. In keeping with the classic theme, the accessories and gear are geared toward a quiet day of soaking up the sun and simple pleasures. As stated before, I’m not a fan of complete imitation to the point where an outfit feels like cosplay. And, of course, we’re adapting a 1960’s womanizer’s outfit for a modern-day butch (who may also be a womanizer, I suppose, but that’s not really the point!) This is a throwback to a supposedly simpler time when a day at the beach was about pure relaxation. If you’d like to experiment with that idea, this is the gear that you’ll need.

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One Shirt Four Ways: 4 Full Outfits Using One OCBD

Oxford cloth button down shirts

One of the essential skills for building a versatile wardrobe affordably is learning how to use any single clothing item in a variety of ways. This magic allows you to utilize a single shirt into several outfits that range across the style spectrum from rugged casual to business casual. Today we will look at how to use a basic gray oxford cloth button-down shirt in 4 very different outfits.

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Better Dressed Butch: Belts

I think one of the easiest ways to start dressing better is to put on a belt.  Wearing a belt immediately pulls your outfit together. It shows how you put thought and intention into your clothes. And, honestly, I just think it makes one look more like a grownup. Kids don’t wear belts; grownups do.

I started wearing belts way back in college for the sole purpose of keeping my oversized baggy jeans from ending up around my knees. Before the end of my first semester, I felt incomplete without one.

As my style evolved, my choice in belts changed from that first 2-inch wide, double-holed warhorse. Now picking out a belt is a part of getting dressed every day. I truly enjoy choosing just the right belt to complete my outfit.

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20 Butch Swimsuits for 2019

Butches don’t have to sacrifice their dapper style when they head to the beach or the pool. These 20 butch swimsuit options will give you all the swagger you need this summer.

Smoothies in Motion Rash Guard ($30). ASOS DESIGN swim shorts in teal green short length ($19). Body Glove Active Winona Exhale Rash Guard ($31). MaaMgic Swim Trunks ($19). ATTRACO Short-Sleeve Rashguard ($26). Express Stripe Drawstring Swim Trunks ($30). Nike Short Sleeve Hydro Rash Guard ($48). ASOS DESIGN runner swim shorts in black ($23). TYR Mantra Taylor Tank Swimming Top ($33). Batuzon Swim Trunks ($20).

Sundried Triathlon Tri Suit ($44). Beefcake Swimwear The Original ($99).
O’Neill Reactor Wetsuit ($99). Beefcake Swimwear The Dreamboat ($99).
PLAYA by Cressi Shorty Wetsuit ($95).

Tomboy X Swim Tank – Shark Print ($51). Outplay Boi Shorts ($35). Private Island Hawaii Rash Guard Tankini ($29). Topman Swim Trunks ($30). TYR Arvada Lola Tank Swimming Top ($51). Express Palm Tree Drawstring Swim Trunks ($30). AdoreShe Women Racerback Solid Tankini ($24). MaaMgic Swim Trunks ($19). TYR Reilly Top ($40). Abercrombie & Fitch Classic Trunks ($24).

Speedo PowerFLEX Eco High Neck Tankini ($40). Chubbies Shorts The Grand Canyonballs ($65). Nike Rib Racerback Midkini ($33). Topman Runner Swim Shorts ($30). Boden Short Sleeve Rash Guard ($55). Boden Piping Swim Shorts ($45). Patagonia Short-Sleeved Micro Swell Rashguard ($79). Patagonia Wavefarer® Boardshorts ($59). Outplay Flatsea Tank ($55). Chubbies Shorts The Neon Lights ($65).

Better Dressed Butch: Versatile Casual Winter/Spring Wardrobe – Part 2

Now that we have a foundation of simple and versatile pieces in our wardrobe, we can begin to add variety.  We can use color, patterns, texture, layers and accessories to give us even more options for pulling great looking outfits together.  This is where we can really begin to develop personal style.

As we discussed in Part 1, adding a single item to our foundational wardrobe now gives us many additional options.  Adding variety also keeps the wardrobe from feeling stale.  As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.”  Everyone likes variety and being able to pull a patterned shirt out one day and a plain shirt the next day somehow feels nice.  So here are some examples of items we can use to spice up our foundational wardrobe.

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