Big Red

Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard

Some books are worth reading more than once.  I have several books that I like to reread, many of them old favorites that I revisit each year at a specific time.  Big Red is one of my books to read in autumn. I first picked it up when I was just a little tomboy.  I remember this book resonating with me because the setting was very like my own home: the wild hills which I explored by myself and with my brother and sister and cousins was much like the land described in the book.  Big Red is also a coming of age story and I’ve always been a sucker for a good coming of age tale.  There is danger and adventure and a boy who embraces solitude and independence.  There are beautiful illustrations by Bob Kuhn.  There are life lessons and lyrical language.  And there’s the dog.  And who doesn’t love a good boy-and-dog story?  And (spoiler alert) this one does not have a heartbreaking ending.

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