Butc(h)er 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Overview


It can be hard to shop for the modern gentlemen.  Either we have everything we want, or the only things we want are super expensive.  Maybe our tastes are too specific or we don’t really have a distinct taste.  Adding to all this, it can be incredibly difficult shopping for a butch.  Maybe we like very manly stuff.  Maybe our tastes are more middle of the road.  The Butc(h)er Gift Guide series should help give you some good ideas for this holiday season.  Each day this week will feature a different themed gift guide to inspire your gift giving (or getting) spirit.  Spoil yourself or pass the ideas along to whoever is playing Santa for you this year.



Mother’s Day Ideas


Ah, Mother’s Day.  National “take-mom-some-flowers-and-then-out-for-brunch-after-church” day.  While flowers and a meal are nice, do these things really let your mom know how much she means to you?  In fact, have you ever stopped to really think about what your mother means to you much less found an authentic and meaningful way to tell her?

While I understand our nationally adopted ways of trying to give our moms some much needed recognition, I think we can do better.  I think we can dig deep and each come up with something that will be truly meaningful.  We can give our mothers something more than a symbolic bouquet.  Here are a few ideas for showing your mother your appreciation this year.

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