Butc(h)ome: Why You Should Have Houseplants

Houseplants.  Pa has them.  Gram has them.  Your office lobby has them.  The airport has them.  Your doctor’s office has them.  Even the mall has them.  They are seemingly everywhere, yet many of us can’t claim to have even one in our home.

Houseplants are beautiful.  Among many other benefits, they filter the air.  There are varieties for every single situation. They are cheap and easily accessible.  And they are a perfect way to add life to your house or apartment.  They make every room feel more complete and they make your house or apartment feel like a home.  So why don’t you have any?  It’s time to liven up your home with a houseplant or two or five.  This guide will help you decide which houseplant is right for you.

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How to Make a Kid’s Toy Box


I’m at that stage of life where all of my friends and family have young kids.  I love having all these little buggers over to play, but noticed that they usually ended up entertaining themselves by chasing my cats endlessly around the apartment.  I decided to turn the storage ottoman in our living room into a toy box so the kids would have fun when visiting.  I had a great time putting it together and the kids love it.  Bonus points with the parents for thinking of the kids!  Here’s how to make a great toy box when you don’t have any kids of your own.  Continue reading “How to Make a Kid’s Toy Box”

A better toolbox

Messy Toolbox, Tidy Toolbox

Starting in college, I began slowly  amassing a tool collection.  At first, it was just duct tape, a rubber mallet and screwdriver to handle dorm room projects.  Over the years, as more projects presented themselves, I’d head off to the hardware store to buy the necessary tools.  This scattershot approach occasionally enabled me to buy some good quality tools even when I was broke because I wasn’t buying everything at once.

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How to change a shower head



Whether you are a renter or a new homeowner, moving into a new place often means getting used to whatever junky shower head was there when you arrived.  I have lived in some apartments with showers that seem to deliver just the right amount of water pressure, while in other places, I’ve suffered through morning after morning of showers that leave a lot to be desired.

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