Visiting Her Family for the Holidays: Part 2


Family holidays are a long standing tradition.  We use specific times of the year as an excuse to all gather together.  Unfortunately, this extended period of togetherness can mean awkwardness or contention or exhaustion.  You might not know what to say when stuck in the family room all alone with her grandpa.  Or maybe you sit out of the way trying to not get underfoot and spend the whole weekend thinking her family hates you.  Maybe the kids ignore you.  Maybe the adults ignore you. Maybe you always say just the wrong thing.  This article will help you navigate some of those family hazards in new ways.  This year the family holiday can be a time of wonderful memories and deep connection.

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Visiting Her Family for the Holidays: Part 1


Ah, the holidays.  Tis the season for family gatherings.  For many of us, that means traveling long distances and spending a lot of quality time with family.  Her family.  This may seem obvious, but during these extended stretches of family time we should act different than we would in our own homes.  I don’t mean that you should be disingenuous.  I don’t mean you should pretend to be “best friends” or worse “roommates”.  I mean that you should make an effort to act like your best self.  Perhaps even like a gentleman.  Fact of the matter is that whether you mean to or not, you are going to make an impression on her family during this visit.  Here’s how to make it a good impression.

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Mother’s Day Ideas


Ah, Mother’s Day.  National “take-mom-some-flowers-and-then-out-for-brunch-after-church” day.  While flowers and a meal are nice, do these things really let your mom know how much she means to you?  In fact, have you ever stopped to really think about what your mother means to you much less found an authentic and meaningful way to tell her?

While I understand our nationally adopted ways of trying to give our moms some much needed recognition, I think we can do better.  I think we can dig deep and each come up with something that will be truly meaningful.  We can give our mothers something more than a symbolic bouquet.  Here are a few ideas for showing your mother your appreciation this year.

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