Can’t get enough: June 2019

1. FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019

I love watching the U.S. Women’s National Team with their high powered attacks, but in the game versus Chile this past weekend, I couldn’t stop being amazed at the saves of Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler. The drama and joy that is soccer is new-ish to me as I came late to the game while watching the 2015 World Cup. This time around I’m following every match and enjoying every good story I can find. Women’s soccer embodies everything beautiful about sports: the stories of lives dedicated to becoming great, the underdogs that everyone is rooting for, the personal triumphs, the controversies, and the underlying push for progress. I want it to never end.

2. The United States of Adventure from Outside Magazine

This is just such a cool interactive site. Summer is the perfect time to get out there and have some adventures, and this site provides some great prompts for highlights in all 50 states. I love looking at states I’ve been in and seeing familiar places as well as looking for some new places to add to my future adventures list.

My personal favorites: Hocking Hills (OH); Ohiopyle, Ricketts Glen, Pine Creek Gorge, Presque Isle (PA); William B. Umstead, Jockey’s Ridge (NC); Letchworth (NY).

Future Adventures List: Mount Mitchell (NC); Virginia Creeper Trail, Grayson Highlands, False Cape, Natural Tunnel (VA); Cathedral, Blackwater Falls (WV); Bahia Honda, John Pennekamp Coral Reef (FL); Mackinac Island, Picture Rocks National Lakeshore (MI); Flathead Lake, Bitterroot National Forest (MT); Umbagog Lake (NH)

3. Art of Manliness Podcast

Every time I’ve had a few free minutes this month, I’ve had the AOM Podcast on. This has been in my ears while driving, cleaning & getting ready for work. Some favorite episodes have been #496: What Plato’s Republic Has to Say About Being a Man, #479: Becoming a Digital Minimalist, #480: Hiking With Nietzsche, #493: 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die, and #495: Wish You Had More Time? What You Really Want is More Memories. I learn so much from each show and feel inspired by the conversations to learn more about each topic.

4. Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller ($25).

I call this our “Skeeter Beater”. We have tried professional mosquito sprays, mosquito traps, candles, coils, and sprays, but nothing is as effective at keeping mosquitos away as this little gadget. I usually put it outside for about 10 minutes to clear the area of those annoying little disease-carrying drillers before I head out to enjoy my latest book and drink in peace and quiet. We take this camping, to the pool, into the backyard, etc. If I’m going to be outside and sitting, I have this with me. It’s given us our deck and yard back and made our Southern summers a lot more bearable.

5. Song: The Best (Tina Turner)

The wife and I fell in love with Schitt’s Creek over the past several weeks. Between Noah Reid’s beautiful acoustic version, Dan Levy’s “olive branch” dance version and Tina Turner’s incredible original, I just can’t stop playing this song.

20 Butch Swimsuits for 2019

Butches don’t have to sacrifice their dapper style when they head to the beach or the pool. These 20 butch swimsuit options will give you all the swagger you need this summer.

Smoothies in Motion Rash Guard ($30). ASOS DESIGN swim shorts in teal green short length ($19). Body Glove Active Winona Exhale Rash Guard ($31). MaaMgic Swim Trunks ($19). ATTRACO Short-Sleeve Rashguard ($26). Express Stripe Drawstring Swim Trunks ($30). Nike Short Sleeve Hydro Rash Guard ($48). ASOS DESIGN runner swim shorts in black ($23). TYR Mantra Taylor Tank Swimming Top ($33). Batuzon Swim Trunks ($20).

Sundried Triathlon Tri Suit ($44). Beefcake Swimwear The Original ($99).
O’Neill Reactor Wetsuit ($99). Beefcake Swimwear The Dreamboat ($99).
PLAYA by Cressi Shorty Wetsuit ($95).

Tomboy X Swim Tank – Shark Print ($51). Outplay Boi Shorts ($35). Private Island Hawaii Rash Guard Tankini ($29). Topman Swim Trunks ($30). TYR Arvada Lola Tank Swimming Top ($51). Express Palm Tree Drawstring Swim Trunks ($30). AdoreShe Women Racerback Solid Tankini ($24). MaaMgic Swim Trunks ($19). TYR Reilly Top ($40). Abercrombie & Fitch Classic Trunks ($24).

Speedo PowerFLEX Eco High Neck Tankini ($40). Chubbies Shorts The Grand Canyonballs ($65). Nike Rib Racerback Midkini ($33). Topman Runner Swim Shorts ($30). Boden Short Sleeve Rash Guard ($55). Boden Piping Swim Shorts ($45). Patagonia Short-Sleeved Micro Swell Rashguard ($79). Patagonia Wavefarer® Boardshorts ($59). Outplay Flatsea Tank ($55). Chubbies Shorts The Neon Lights ($65).

Affordable Summer Watches

Summer is the season of adventures. We take advantage of the long days and warm weather and we get out there. And out there involves dust, sweat, mud, rivers, oceans, trails, swimming holes, thunderstorms. These conditions demand a bit more from our gear than our day-jobs and urban adventures.

These watches are tough enough for your summer adventures. In general, field watches, dive watches, chronographs, and digital sports watches like those below were all created to be more rugged and to handle the outdoors. And while most of these would look just as good in your neighborhood bar, or hanging out at the pool, or watching a baseball game, their true calling is adventuring. These are the watches you want with you on the trail, in your tent, on the water, around the fire, and under the stars.

“Each moment is a place you’ve never been.”

~ Mark Strand~

Invicta Men’s 9204 Pro Diver Watch ($50). Timex Expedition Scout Chronograph Watch ($58). Casio Men’s A168WA-1 Electro Luminescence Watch ($19). Timex Expedition Scout 40 Watch ($36). Casio Anti Reverse Bezel Dive Watch ($50). Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch ($48). Casio Illuminator Digital Watch ($17). Timex Expedition Scout 43 Watch ($40). FANMIS Bezel Sapphire Dive Watch ($39).

10 Classic Sneakers for Spring & Summer

The warmer months are the perfect time to pack away your beautiful big boots and pull out some lighter sneakers. The problem for me is that, while I like how canvas sneakers look on my wife and my brother-in-law, I hate how they look on me. I cannot make myself wear them even though every men’s style blog in the blogosphere tells me that I should be wearing them.

I love old crap and have a soft spot for many things retro, so this year I decided to look at classic men’s sneakers for inspiration. Here are some of my favorite classic sneakers for warm weather.

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Outfits: Spring Walk to a Coffee Shop

The first really warm day of spring is a good excuse to bust out the sandals and short sleeves. Keep the color scheme simple, but add a bright hit of sunshine by wearing a yellow NATO band with your favorite watch face. Hard cream pomade keeps your gorgeous hair from becoming disheveled in the warm breeze, and classic aviators keep that lovely spring sunshine from blinding you.

Skip all those sugar bomb drinks (I see you, Mocha Frappuccino with your 400 (!) calories) and get a classic. My go-to, the iced caffe latte with almond milk, has only 70 calories and is the perfect level of sweet.

Goodfellow & Co V-Neck T-Shirt ($8). Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade ($22). The Bone Art Place Engraved Koru Necklace ($40). Timex Highland Street Watch ($36). Versol Polarized Aviator Sunglasses ($17). Dockers Slim All Season Tech Pants ($37). SIFEIRUI 20mm NATO strap ($13). Levi’s Cut to Fit Web Belt ($15). Birkenstock Mayari Sandals ($100). Iced Caffe Latte ($5).