Best Shoe Styles for Summer (with over 40 picks!)

When the weather turns warmer everything we wear changes. Instead of comfy boots and layers, we end up in a shirt with shorts and shoes. It’s a literal stripping down of our clothing and it can be hard to figure out what to wear from head to toe. Let’s agree that most of us end up in a casual shirt and shorts for much of the summer. Maybe cooler temps keep us wearing lightweight pants like chinos. What shoes do you wear with shorts if you still want to look stylish? What shoes work best in the summer? We’ve got you covered with this guide to summer shoes for butches.

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Butch at the Beach: Butch Swimwear Series – Backyard Edition

Finding swimwear that makes you feel dapper is not easy for most butches and tomboys. Each edition in this series will feature a different stylish swimsuit and accompanying gear to keep you feeling confident at the beach, lake, or pool.

This edition is inspired by those summer days from childhood with a little nod in the color scheme to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Remember when you were a teenager and your backyard was a world unto itself and all you needed was music, some water, a swimsuit, and some sunshine?  

Lots of people might not be heading out to the pool, or spending a day at the lake, or heading to the shore, or staying classy at the beach this summer.  But staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay inside.  There’s no reason you can’t still have some fun in the sun, backyard style.

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A Better Way to Share Your Memories: How to Make a Photo Album

People desire lives full of meaning, adventures, and great memories. We look forward to travel, visits with family, and any chance to escape from the daily grind. But once those short days are gone, it’s almost like they barely happened.

Now that most of us carry a fantastic camera in our pockets in the form of our smartphones, we “capture” more memories than ever before. But most people don’t turn those recorded moments into anything more than a quick post on social media and they are lost to the ever-refreshing timeline of our feeds.

There’s an incredibly simple way to make all those moments more meaningful and to keep them accessible so they can warm our hearts: make a photo album.

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