Is that a Rolex? The $60 watch that will make your summer.

My neighbor and I were watching our pups play together when he asked the question: “Are you rocking a Rolex?!?” “HA! I wish!” was my quick reply. But as I held up my wrist so I could better show the details of my new Invicta dive watch, I realized that I didn’t mean those words. I was proud of this watch and I couldn’t care less that it isn’t a luxury brand. This humble $60 dive watch is everything I want on my wrist this summer. It’s been so much more than simply a shiny new accessory; it’s changed how I’ve approached life.

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Affordable Summer Watches

Summer is the season of adventures. We take advantage of the long days and warm weather and we get out there. And out there involves dust, sweat, mud, rivers, oceans, trails, swimming holes, thunderstorms. These conditions demand a bit more from our gear than our day-jobs and urban adventures.

These watches are tough enough for your summer adventures. In general, field watches, dive watches, chronographs, and digital sports watches like those below were all created to be more rugged and to handle the outdoors. And while most of these would look just as good in your neighborhood bar, or hanging out at the pool, or watching a baseball game, their true calling is adventuring. These are the watches you want with you on the trail, in your tent, on the water, around the fire, and under the stars.

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